Eliminate Physical And Emotional ALS Symptoms with
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, A Proven Mind-Body Therapy

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Read the following case reports which document the therapeutic success of EFT.

In Case #1, EFT:

.....The same patient walked into the first session using a cane for balance, but did not need it since.On his 3rd session, he reported no pain at all and his walking and speech were much better. When he came for his 4th and final session he was smiling and not using his cane.

.....He said the people at his church were amazed when they saw him walking down the aisle without any help at all. They said it was like a miracle.
.....He also told me that his doctor said he could not believe the results of the tests recently done and that he wanted him to re-take the tests. His doctor had never seen results of this sort and wanted to be sure the test results were correct.

For a complete article on the above case, click HERE: EFT for ALS Symptoms | Serious Illnesses | English

Case #2 : Testimonial from one of my ALS clients: Hi Jay, I have been tapping using your suggestions from our last session.

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Private EFT sessions last 1 hour. Each session yields definite results. When you learn EFT, you will be able to do it on your own to address any physical or emotional symptoms when they occur.